The flying neighbors

The Garvers

Phil DeBartola

​The Amoxs

Ron and Liz claim seniority rights at the airpark as they moved here in 1997. For a long time, their's was the only home on the south side of the runway. Both retired, they are spending a fair amount of time "galavantin" around the country in their motor home when not flying their Beech Musketeer.
Ron retired from Coca-Cola and Liz, a native Arizonian, spent most of her adult life as a grade school teacher. They moved here from Showlow AZ. 
Phil has lived here at the airpark for 15 years and is our most "seaonally experienced" resident. Originally from Pennsylvania, Phil is an aeronautical engineer who retired from Martin Marietta (now Lockheed-Martin) after XXX years of service. He was also an instructor and had a restoration business.
Phil lost his wife of 63 years in 2014 and is no longer actively flying, although his well equiped hangar contains a Cessna 150 and a PA-22-20 (Tri-pacer) Yes, they are for sale.
The property originally owned by Emory Smith, one of the co-founders of High Mesa Airpark, was purchased by Ted Amox in 2007. Ted is a professional land serveyor licensed in  several western states. His wife, Jessie Nesbitt, is also a licensed surveyor and was one of the youngest females to ever pass the AZ surveyor's exam sucessfully. Ted finished a 7 year build of an RV-9A almost 3 years ago and is still grinning. 

The Johnsons 


​Jim Murray​​

Jim has been working in the oil fields on Alaska's north slope since 1989. He purchased his lot here at High Mesa in 2006 and he manages to get from his cabin up north to the heat of Az about five times  a year. His alaskan cabin, which he built on a remote lakeshore is accessible only by floatplane or snowmobile. Jim's parents, Minnesota snowbirds, also spend time here. He has a folding wing Kitfox tucked into a quanset hut hanger here and he keeps his super cub in Alaska.

The most recent construction at the airpark was in 2008 when Dave and Mary put up their double-wide and 50' x 50' hangar for their Glastar. Dave, who retired from a metallurgical lab at a Nevada gold mine, found himself doing consulting work involved in the construction of a new copper mine just north of Safford and liked the area so much he decided to stay.  Upon moving here, Mary, then 65, obtained her CNA license and provided in-home health care for five years before she retired.​​

Kerry Peterson and Celia Farlan purchased their lot in 2006. They are Montana snowbirds who divide their time between here and their wilderness cabin in the Helena area. Kerry has been in aviation most of his life and was a construction superentendant building things like "clean rooms" at military installations. Celia retired from the Consumer protection Division of the state of Montana. Kerry is an A&P and has really gotten involved in building. Currently he has an RV4 and a Bearhawk LSA (scratch built) under construction. There is also a Supercub in his immaculate 50'x80' hanger/shop/garage for these moments that require leaving the "surly bonds".

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Experimental Aircraft Ass'n.
  • The association has an old (1948?) motor grader, a tractor, a roller and some sections of railway rails ganged together for runway maintenance.
  • If you wish to fly tomorrow, better check the runway today to see if you need to hitch up the rails.
     Ron Garver generously donates  his time to  
     the  operation of the grader, and without             Kerry Peterson and  his mechanical  wizardry,
    we would be sore pressed to maintain any
    of the equipment.

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