If it doesn't have thorns, it is not native to this area. The most common tree to this area is the mequite,
a bushy tree which in this area gets to between 8' to 15' tall. Also common are prickly pear, ocotillo, creosote,(greasewood), yucca, cholla, and barrel cactus. 
The local water has a high saline and dissolved solids content and the soil is pretty alkaline, so there are a lot of trees, bushes and flowers which will not find an ideal habitat.
Cottonwoods, afghan pines, some species of ash, and mimosa trees do well.
With the 3000 ft. elevation here, there is an occasional January or February morning where the temperature will cause the leaves of your plant to turn a vibrant black. (This does not last long).
The writer's policy has been: Plant it. If it dies, plant something else that doesn't die. Don't plant anything that likes acidic soil. If it does well, plant lots more of the same.